New domain, VPS, blog, and test server

This blog is my way of posting relatively uncontroversial information, like technical articles about Linux, or vacation photos. There have been times where a Google search helped me find a blog article written by somebody in 2012 that helped me fix a technical problem. I hope to pay it forward by creating similar articles myself.

Although I work as a system administrator, I have only recently renovated my personal digital presence, with a domain, a Virtual Private Server (VPS), and now this blog. I plan to follow my brother’s example in terms of blog posting, except that I plan to keep the blog hosted on the VPS rather than on bare metal running at home.

My test server at home can run of course run Linux/Apache/MySQL/MariaDB/PHP (LAMP) sites, but it is mostly a home media server and VPN server. In the next few days I will be posting about my test server and recent experiments with OpenVPN on my home network — making home resources available remotely via a VPN client, or acting as a network gateway to other computers on the network. There have been many howtos, some excellent but out of date. I will share my adaptation of another person’s suggested procedure, along with corrections and additions.

If you stick around for a few weeks, you might even see pictures of Star Trek stuff.