Star Trek cruise 2018: the pictures

A detailed post will follow with some of my thoughts about the cruise, an adventure just concluded with my brother starting in Miami, a ship full of Star Trek celebrities and fans, ports of call in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico, and stuff that happened in a comiccon setting during days at sea. Also, my brother and I met a new friend, Tracy — a fellow fan and person with whom we shared our table in the dining room on the ship.

For now, I offer a link to a gallery of trip photos:

Note the controls at the bottom for navigation and slide show, and that you can touch left and right on the image to move, well, left and right.


2 Replies to “Star Trek cruise 2018: the pictures”

  1. Well, I’ll be a Talosian with a big fat butt head …

    I’m doing some late night Star Trek surfing and who do I turn up but Gordon H. Buchan, the one and only!

    When did we last see each other, 30 years ago?

    I trust life has treated you well over the decades!

    all best
    John Mundie

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